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Are You Raising a Highly Sensitive Child?

Is your child sensitive to shirt tags, light, noise, crowds, energy?
Does she seem to read your mind or have a sensitive emotional heart?
Experience intense meltdowns, mood swings, inattention or hyperactivity?
Perhaps been called ADHD, bipolar or highly anxious by pediatrician, school or therapist?
If you answered yes to any of the above you may be raising a highly sensitive child - and many parents today are! Join Julie B. Rosenshein, LICSW for an introductory talk that will give you the answers you are looking for. Learn the 4 kinds of sensitive children and some basic ways you can help your family and child.

Free of charge. Donations Accepted for The Whole Child Foundation 501(c)3.

This basic class provides parents and caregivers the tools they need to help children develop in mind, body , emotion and spirit. Many children today are labelled ADD and given medication before any other holistic approaches are even tried. Many ADHD children are Highly Sensitive and need specific interventions that can help them heal. Topics covered will be nutrition, behavioral management, home environment, spiritual support and school life.

Come to this workshop and learn the ways to help your child and family....$40

This day long seminar is for people who are currently working with Indigos and Highly Sensitive Children in schools, mental health settings, aftercare or in the healing professions. The class is designed to give you specific hands on techniques to use in your classroom or professional arena that works with these kinds of young learners. We will learn about sensory integration, specific emotional release techniques and the way to best communicate, parent and teach these young and wise souls.

5 Hour Training with Certificate: $150