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Many have asked; what or who are these Indigo Children and how can I help my child, my grandchild, or the student in my class who seems to be one?

    Indigo Children are one kind of Highly Sensitive Child who are spiritually sensitive or gifted. They are head strong and heart smart. They do not want to do it your way, and often have creative or non- conformist ways of doing things. Many are labeled ADD/ ADHD because of their tendency for activity, inattention and doing things fast. Some have past life recall, trouble sleeping, night terrors, and can “see” or hear things at home especially at night. They have extreme emotional, physical, and spiritual sensitivities that make them “fussy” eaters, “different” from other kids in their class and avoidant of loud noise, people’s energy, and touch sensitive. Some days they will be happy, and then, after being around other children, they can have a huge emotional meltdown, angry outburst, or tantrum. Many Indigos suffer from depression, anxiety, hyperactivity or insomnia because of their extreme sensitivities and inability to process the energy in their body which fluctuates even when they are staying away from the foods, chemicals and fluorescent lights that they cannot tolerate. Their interior world is frustrating since they are such wise souls in such young bodies and cannot make all the choices they want to in a day; they would rather balk at the system then follow it.  Many times an Indigo will not want to eat very much, will stay up until past even your bedtime, and will not want to be told anything different by you or anyone else. They are fast learners when they are interested in the subject matter, and will zone out or refuse to learn about anything they are not interested in. They have wise deep eyes, cannot tolerate lies, authoritarian rules, or inauthenticity. Many have been labeled with Learning Disorders from the school they are in due to their “poor” reading skills, right brained dominant learning style or “delayed” speech. Truth be told, they would rather use their intuitive or telepathic abilities then talk, and already know what you are going to say before you say it.  

      If this all sounds daunting and negative, take heart. Along with their extreme sensitivities come a host of beautiful and world changing qualities. Your Indigo is probably spiritually blessed with psychic gifts and good fortune of being able to see Angels, deceased loved ones, fairies or connect to the heart of animals and people. If someone is hurt or left out, this child will be the first to be able to comfort or make a new friend. Their brilliance will probably not shine through their report card, but will rather be through the light emerging from their eyes, smile or infectious laugh. Since their DNA is actually a little different than the normal child, their charkas are actually spinning at a faster rate; hence they have a higher vibrational frequency. If they seem to be hyperactive or moving fast, it is because quite literally, THEY ARE. Their third eye is highly developed which gives their aura the Indigo hue. They are the children “of the blue ray” and have the spiritual gifts to prove it. Their life purpose is to bring new understanding and ways of being to the Planet and will tear down anything that stands in their way. It is this willful and purposeful personality that our planet so desperately needs. They have come to change society, and they will if we can listen to them, help care for them and take their lead… So how can we help them? Here are a few simple tips and tools:


Tip #1: Help your Indigo Nutritionally

 Most Indigos are actually allergic to many of the foods they eat such as wheat, dairy, sugar, and food dye/additives. Have your child tested by an allergist to find out what foods need to be eliminated from their diet. Make a game of going to the health food store and trying the wonderful products available at the stores (i.e. substituting soy milk for regular milk, or Stevia for regular table sugar.) Have a taste-off at home to see which flavor of soymilk is better or if they can taste the difference between wheat bread and rice bread. Gradually substitute and add new foods into their diet. Try to buy organic produce and meats when possible and limit intake of sodas (with sugar or any other artificial sweeteners) and fruit juice unless freshly squeezed at home. Many children have dips in their blood sugar levels which can be helped by eating mini protein based meals throughout the day, avoiding cakes, cookies, breads, and simple carbohydrates that give them a quick energy high followed by a low shortly after.


Tip #2: Help your Indigo Biochemically

 Many Indigos are lacking in trace minerals, magnesium, B6, C, Folic Acid, and Zinc. Depletion of these substances has been linked scientifically to inattention, mood swings, depression and even impulsive behavior. Find a health care practitioner, Naturopath, or Kinesthesiologist who can evaluate whether your child has an imbalance or is lacking in trace minerals, vitamins or enzymes. Also try to use natural cleaning products in your home that are purchased from health food store. Many children are allergic to the chemicals and fragrances added to shampoo, toothpaste, laundry detergent and soap. Avoid Sodium Lauryl Sulfate when possible.  


Tip #3: Help your Indigo Environmentally

 Since our environment is so full of stimulating media, electronic appliances and fluorescent lighting which they are sensitive to, limit the number of hours of exposure. Also, try to make your child’s bedroom free of these electrical appliances. Do not keep electrical appliances near the bed. (Even clocks with batteries or wires can be disruptive for a good night’s sleep.) Put a broad- leafed plant (like Pathos) by their bedside. The plant supplies oxygen and clears your child’s energy while sleeping. Action figures on their shelves, bright colors, mirrors and busy patterned linens actually stimulate their systems. Put toys away in closet or toy chest, decorate their room in a non-primary color that is muted and relaxing for them. And establish an ongoing bedtime ritual that includes soft music, reading or time for talking with you….Listen to them. Help them process what went on in their day and set mini goals or wishes for the next day.

 Tip #4: Help your Indigo with their Life Purpose.Most Indigo depression is linked to the general meaninglessness they feel if they are not connected to their higher purpose, spiritual gifts, or interests. Did you ever notice that your Indigo can be inattentive some times but then can get really focused at other times? In school they need to pay attention to things they might not be particularly interested in, but at home you can help them spend time attending to their life purpose. Most Indigos are self-directed if given the chance to be, and it is never too early to help them get involved in the life purpose they came here for. If they are artistic, enroll them in art school or have a fund for new art supplies that they can work towards. If your Indigo is of the Veterinarian type, find a shelter or local animal hospital they can volunteer at. If you have an Indigo healer, help them work toward Reiki certificate or be involved at one of the many holistic centers that are near you. Many of the adolescent Indigos I work with find music to be their “thing”. Encourage them to form a group or perform live. Many times an older Indigo will not express interest in college, but will have a strong desire to go to a professional or trade school which specializes in their talent. Forget the old paradigm of schooling and help them further their knowledge and interest with a trade school in their area of expertise. Apprenticeship, will also become more popular again as we and the Indigos revamp the entire educational system so that our working and our learning is connected to our life passions, rather than being dictated by the old “9-5” paradigm ways.


Tip #5:  Try to help your Indigo Process their Energy and Feelings Many children spend a high percentage of their time sitting in school, or at home in front of television, video games or computer. These kids need rigorous physical exercise, nature and fresh air to balance their body and mind. Make outdoor activities part of your weekend family plans and also their daily weekday routine. Encourage them to meditate, practice Yoga, karate, or team sports that are wonderful ways for them to vent extra energy and feel great. Indigos need the same wellness services or hands on healing that adults do. Find a Reiki practitioner, holistic psychotherapist, chiropractor, or acupuncturist who works with children, or use your own angels and guides to help clear your child’s charkas. Make time during the evening hours to listen to them and help them clear, and process their energy and feelings. If they do not want to talk with you, encourage them to write in a journal or speak with someone who understands Indigos so they do not feel so alone and “different”. As time goes on most Indigos will grow into their gifts and distinct role in the fabric of the unfolding human evolution and consciousness, and in the mean time…..Remember that they are kids that need our love, acceptance, patience and FUN. They remind us to think outside the box, see our own limitations and will force us to grow by being a mirror for us to face our own issues and reevaluate some of our outdated parenting and teaching skills. One thing is for sure…if we let them be our teachers while holding a safe and boundaried container for them to grow in, they will bring the New Age of Peace that we have been working for on this Planet Earth!