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Julie B. Rosenshein, LICSW is a School Social Worker, Private Psychotherapist, and Public Speaker who works with AD/HD, Indigo, and Highly Sensitive Children. Her graduate training from Columbia University School of Social Work and Ackerman Family Institute, combined with certifications from Doreen Virtue Ph.D (author of The Care and Feeding of Indigo Children) enable her to help children reach their highest potential. Julie is affectionately known as "The INDIGO DOC" as she lectures nationally sharing her experiences as a Highly Sensitive Child and helping parents and children find solutions that work for their families and schools. Her work has been featured on CNN News and ABC Chronicles and she is a contributing author of Hay House Indigo Children 10 Years Later (2008).

Ms. Rosenshein's new book, Parenting the Highly Sensitive Child (Balboa Press) is now available through Amazon.com and barnesandnoble.com.

Dr. Ted Zeff gives this review, "Ms. Rosenshein provides a hands-on approach for helping you and your highly sensitive child. In Parenting the Highly Sensitive Child you will find solutions that work and are easy to apply to home life, school life and your child's emotional world. You will also learn: What a highly sensitive child is and how it ties into ADHD The 4 types of sensitive children Tips & Tools for helping your sensitive child make it in a less than sensitive world.

This book offers a new perspective and many new suggestions for helping a highly sensitive child such as using crystals, decorating with soothing non-primary colors, past lives recall, brain gym, occupational therapy as well as strategies for dealing with anger, depression and anxiety.  I really enjoyed reading the book and could see her expertise, love and caring as a school social worker working with ADHD, Indigo and highly sensitive children."